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I know there are many things in life more important than music. But to the lovers of meaningful ol' school classic RnB and Soul Music, I hope I can reach you. I am an indie artist. My mission, my passion, my goal and my life's journey is to retain the music that is so dear to the 45 plus demographic. I grew up on this music and this is the type of music I record. It is the preservation of a cultural heritage that is slowly being phased out. I need funds to complete my project of writing and recording this music. The funds will be used only for completion of recording, promoting and distribution expenses for my CD. I am seeking new music right now to record. I am working with great songwriters/producers but they need to compensated for their work. For anyone showing interest, you and your guest will receive all of my music, all access entry to concerts in your area, free for life. It is imperative that we return and maintain great music with melodies, singable hooks, heartfelt stories that are uplifting and display positive messages of love, respect, compassion and positive images. Today's soul and RnB do not contain those elements. Unfortunately, the entertainment industry is no longer interested in that type of music. But I am ---- will you please help me record it and promote it. Also, I am seeking promoters, management, and booking agents. Thank you for your support. I can not do this without you.

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